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Mary Wellington

Membership Application (Membership Year: July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015)


Note: Article 3, Section 3: Membership and Financial Register "The Eket Development Congress shall keep and update a register(s) containing the names, postal/e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of all members, including terminated members and dates of such termination."

  • Use your full name as you want it to appear on your membership card.
  • Provide mailing address to where you want to receive your membership card.
  • A listing of EDC Chapters are on the website at www.eketusa.org.
  • Chapter membership requires local dues to be paid directly to the chapter, in addition to paying National membership dues.


  • Full members can nominate and vote members into the office of the Presidency, or be so nominated.
  • Full members are eligible to seek election into the office of the Presidency or be appointed an officer of the organization, subject to guidelines and other stipulations expressly stated in the Constitution.
  • Full members can place issue(s) on the agenda of any meeting held by any organ of the Eket Development Congress.
  • Associate members can participate in deliberations at general meetings and Conventions.
  • Associate members can be appointed to serve on non-elective committees.
  • Members may transfer their membership from one Chapter of Eket Development Congress to another within the United States.
  • Opportunity to receive moral and material support in time of severe distress.

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