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Mary Wellington

D.C. Chapter Welcome Address




Nwaessien S. Essien Ladies and Gentlemen

The members of EDC DC chapter are happy to welcome everyone present here today. This day is really beyond a groundbreaking event and an absolute extension of the continuous growth of the people of Eket at home and beyond. We are all here to launch a new chapter as this extended growth of our homeland.

The DC chapter significantly is consistent of most states within the Northeastern United States most importantly District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The reason for this different combination is based on the limited number of our indigenes that are present in these areas. It is established with flexibility that as soon as any of the combined states has enough indigenes to warrant the creation of a separate chapter it will be so established. In the mean time, these states therefore belong official to one chapter– DC CHAPTER. Eket has really gone far now in the USA and is now adding a new chapter to its existing ones.

Charles S. Esu We are very grateful today to have the audience and the blessings of all the people present to witness this groundbreaking ceremony. Today is a new chapter in our organization that will be emulated by other states within the continental USA wherever the indigenes of Eket are present to follow on the footpath of our predecessors. The workings and principal objective of EDC remains the same and we are totally accountable to the National Congress as with other chapters. The constituted body of the newly formed chapter consists of a management council that will oversee the election of officers during the first and official general meeting within the next month. Prior to today, this management council consisting of three officials has been the one that have kept the chapter in procession and have organized with the help of the national body to make this occasion possible. Effectively immediately, all indigenes of Eket resident in the Northeastern states are here by invited to our first general meeting that will be held a month from this day Saturday July 18th. Information and will be circulated to everyone and members are advised to inform everyone about it.

Victor Ekpuk The running of an organization like every other business, it demands time and sacrifice. This is a nonprofit organization and as such there is no paid position but purely voluntary in nature. Everyone is therefore encouraged to participate by donating their time and services to foster the progress of the chapter. We are very grateful to the other chapters for instance, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco and most importantly the Houston chapter under the leadership of Mr. Bassey Brownson, its president on all the assistance they have given us to make this occasion a true success. As a young chapter we will from time to time seek counsel from our senior chapters to learn from their experiences. Thank you our learned chapters. We are also using this opportunity to inform everyone that with the lunching of the EDC website: http://www.Eketusa.org, all activities from different chapters and advertisings will be available at the site on a continuous basis. We have also received numerous interests from Eket businesses at home about advertising space on our site. Our special thanks goes to our home state representative that have honored our invitation and are present here with us in the person of Hon Bar Jack Udoata. Once again, welcome to DC and we hope that you will enjoy your stay. We look forward to seeing you again next year in Houston for our national convention.

Nwaessien S. Essien, Charles S. Esu, Victor Ekpuk
DC Chapter

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