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Mary Wellington

National President Welcome Address





Margaret Itauma Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you for being here with us and for your continuous support. We would like to extend our thanks to our special guest from Nigeria Rt. Hon. Dr. Jack Udota, Member House of Assembly Uyo, Dr. Charles Itauma and Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Odokama from London, and our greatest thanks to God Almighty for protecting us.

Our purpose of being here today is to create a new chapter that will service and strengthen our indigenes living on the East Coast of USA and to raise money to support our borehole project. Our process of building can only be achieved through collective efforts and we welcome men and women who are ready to build and not destroy. We are all volunteers and leaders, but we can only portray ourselves as leaders if we must operate on a platform of transparency and accountability. As a first step in restoring confidence and integrity, we have provided a copy of EDC current bank statements; a detailed financial report will be issued after the conference. EDC is also proud to announce the launching of its new website: www.eketusa.org.

Each convention, donors give money generously to support our community projects, at this time I would like to seize this opportunity to inform the house of the project we've accomplished. In the wake of Child Witch Phenomenon in Akwa Ibom State early this year, EDC donated 30 beds, 30 mattresses and 30 pillows to CRARN Childrens Center, Eket. Kanu Nwankwo a famous football player who is Unicef Ambassador to Nigeria, with other Unicef staff and the Chairman Eket Local Government, DR. Emmanuel Udo, commissioned these items last week. Newspaper publication of event was sent via email yesterday, EDC also received a thank you letter and a goodwill message from CRARN Center. To better serve our communities and get the Government involved, EDC has established a link with the government both at the Local and State level. Hon. Paul Udo is our Liaison officer, he couldn't be with us today as planned, and he fell sick on his way to the airport. We wish him a speedy recovery.

I would like to make this personal comment about myself. A year ago when I was elected to this office, even though I've functioned in other leadership capacities, all these was new to me but today I stand strong because I'm ready to learn. I thank every one who has been accessible and supportive, thank you for not using gender to define my leadership but integrity, and to Mr. Nwaessien Essien who has gone above and beyond the call to put this event together, I say thank you. To our men who have worked hard to support their families, who have endured this hard time without breaking, we wish you a HAPPY FATHERS' DAY.

God Bless You.

Margaret Itauma
National President

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